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New Live DOUBLE Album Coming 12/20

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The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys performed and recorded live in 2015 and 2016 at the incomparable venue De Melkbus in Dordrecht, Netherlands. Led by James Williams, and together with engineer Marc Burger and producer Oren Krinsky, the Swamp Donkeys present this unique DOUBLE LIVE ALBUM (20+ songs) from both years to capture the spirit of the band's concerts.

Expected release: December 20, 2016

Victory at French Quarter Fest 2016

7/11/15 - "Just a Gigolo" at North Sea Jazz 2015

5/27/15 - "A Fine Romance" featuring Alia Shawkat

3/5/15 - "Black and Blue" - from Neuehouse

6/10/14 - Theme Song from Game of Thrones

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swamp don·key noun \ ˈswämp däŋ-kē \
1. A Swamp Donkey is a member of a New-Orleans based traditional jazz band that plays old style jass from the 1900s - 1930s. Founded in October 2012, they've already sold out major venues and rocked stages for thousands, in the United States and abroad.
<"We love Louis Armstrong and old-timey jazz so we went and saw the Swamp Donkeys and their music was breathtaking.">
<"That jass band transported me in a time machine to a special music heaven and I just had to kiss a Swamp Donkey.">
See also: "What's a Swamp Donkey?" and the About page.