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  • Swamp Donkeys invited to compete at the 2015 French Quarter Fest Battle of the Bands! Come cheer us on!
  • New Duets EP featuring founder James Williams and guest Alia Shawkat in post-production, follow us @swampdonkeyjass on fb/tw/ig for more info!

3/5/15 - NEW VIDEO - "Black and Blue" - from Neuehouse

James and Sam sing "Rocking Chair" - the Louis Armstrong classic!

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swamp don·key noun \ ˈswämp däŋ-kē \
1. A Swamp Donkey is a member of a New-Orleans based traditional jazz band that plays old style jass from the 1900s - 1930s. Founded in October 2012, they've already sold out major venues and rocked stages for thousands, in the United States and abroad.
<"We love Louis Armstrong and old-timey jazz so we went and saw the Swamp Donkeys and their music was breathtaking.">
<"That jass band transported me in a time machine to a special music heaven and I just had to kiss a Swamp Donkey.">
See also: "What's a Swamp Donkey?" and the About page.

Swamp Donkey News

Recording classic duets with Alia Shawkat 

We are recording again! We spent the past three days in the studio at Atlantic Sound Studios in Brooklyn, NY. We have a very special EP on the way that we are recording with Alia Shawkat. Expect it to drop in Spring 2015. You can find photos, videos, and audio of our Recording tour on our social media pages, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @swampdonkeyjass

Official Album Announcement party in New Orleans on Friday January 16, 2015:
http://swampdonkeyjass.com/event/1117501/111592418/a-special-nighRead more

Very big Swamp Donkey announcement coming soon 

Dear fans,

Happy New Year from the New Orleans Swamp Donkeys! 🎉🎊🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
We're preparing to announce something very big for the New Year, so we'll be back with you soon!!!!

First an update: 2014 was great to us and 2015 is shaping up to be even better. Sold out gigs, international recognition, and really exciting partnership opportunities mean we will bring some extraordinary stuff your way very soon. SO stay tuned for more!

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Brand new photo gallery! 

Hi everyone, check out our brand new photo gallery on the new photos page of our website. We have also included a hi-res version of our website background for press usage and for desktop wallpapers. Contact us if you wish to use our photos.

Donkeys coming to NYC! 

The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys Traditional Jass Band was just booked to play at the annual APAP conference in NYC! We're very excited for the exposure and opportunities this will produce. This means we will be doing a surprise NYC tour this January. Stay tuned in the next few days for additional concert dates during the first two weeks of January. Stay tuned for those dates by signing up for our mailing list! 
In the meantime, here are links to our schedule and tickets for our APAP showcase.
ticketfly.com/purcRead more

Our new Store is open for business! 

We have just opened up our new online Donkey Store on this website! Check it out and start buying stuff from us! We're really excited about this new Donkey Store for a variety of reasons. Here are the top four:
  1. We can sell anything we want.
  2. We keep 100% of the revenues.
  3. You can buy physical CDs from us online now, which we will ship promptly to you!
  4. You can get a FREE digital download of our albums immediately with your purchase of our physical CDs.
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